Cautiously excited…

Hello – technically, I’m not much further forward with regard to promoting my book, but optimistically, my Publisher tells me the following publications have requested a review copy:

  • In Balance magazine
  • What Doctors Don’t Tell You
  • Essentials
  • Woman and Home
  • She
  • That’s Life
  • Woman
  • The Guardian
  • The Observer
  • The Daily Mail
  • The Daily Telegraph
  • The Guardian Weekend Magazine
  • The Times Magazine
  • The Sunday Sun
  • Newcastle Evening Chronicle
  • Newcastle Journal

I realise the fact that they requested a review copy doesn’t necessarily mean that they’ll a) review it or b) like it, but it’s still pretty exciting to a newbie like me! A nice lady at the website, Trashionista (, has also offered to review the book. Naturally, I hope they all enjoy it, but I also have to prepare myself in case there are any negative reviews (large bar of chocolate and some tissues on stand-by…) No word on my website yet, but it’s coming soon!

And, believe it or not, following my last post, I idly typed in “thinking cap” in to eBay – there WAS one!!! Fair enough, it was just a baseball cap with the words “thinking cap” embroidered on the front, but still..