Phew – it's over!

Well, I had my 15-20 minutes of fame!

I had trouble getting to sleep last night, as possible question scenarios kept coming into my head. I woke up at about 5.30am with butterflies the size of chickens in my stomach, and could barely eat anything.

My mam drove me to the BBC Radio Newcastle studios, and we got there an hour early, so sat in the car park for half an hour, as I didn’t want to go in too early. When I was waiting to be called, I could hear the show going out. It was surreal when the presenter announced that coming up was an ‘inspirational author’ – I was thinking “Who’s that? Have they forgotten about me?” D’oh, that was about me!

I was shaking so much, that my chair felt like one of those vibrating massage chairs! Julia Hankin was fantastic though – she really put me at ease (no mean feat, believe me!) She is every bit as friendly and down-to-earth as she comes across on the radio. I even got a Tipple Tool (Julia’s regular listeners will know about this).

I don’t know how people can put themselves through that on a regular basis – I only hope I didn’t say anything stupid. I can’t bear to listen to myself, even though it’s on the internet. Sorry that I didn’t manage to mention Johnston’s Press in Chesterfield for my sister. Got Mark’s name in, and several mentions for Sarah’s shop!

So, not sure what I do next. Perhaps I’ll get my tea and think about it on a full stomach…