Good afternoon! Typing from bed again, but this time I am fully dressed having just been to the hairdressers – lovely new ‘do and nowhere to go! Trying some energy conservation…

I got some really good feedback from the Julia Hankin interview, and it has opened up some very interesting opportunities for me. I don’t want to say too much in case they don’t come about, except to say that I am very flattered and that they include several interviews! Plus it was great to get ME/CFS into the public eye – I’m sure I’m not the most eloquent person to represent people with this condition, but I will try my best to describe it and to bring some awareness to the public, if I can.

If you’re wondering what’s been happening regarding the book promotion since I last posted, here goes:

  • WHSmith – no news (so, as I said before, not good news)
  • Waterstones – spoke to a very friendly woman last Thursday and sent some info, so the ball is in their court
  • Borders – still haven’t summoned the energy (OK…the courage, to go in and ask about it). I think it’s because I don’t feel like a ‘real’ author, and still feel like a bit of a fraud…

I am still without a website (despite finding a few trial pages on the ‘net at the weekend), and still have no copies of my own book! It’s really quite frustrating for me.

The ‘book launch’ is going ahead, as planned, at Sarah’s bookshop (www.henrysbooks.co.uk) on World Book Day. She’s still waiting for ‘official’ posters/leaflets, so printed some of her own. I spent yesterday evening pounding the streets (well, two streets…my own and an adjacent one), posting leaflets. Actually, I managed three houses before my husband had to take over from me – we were cold and exhausted when we were done, but the dogs enjoyed their walk! I am starting to worry that nobody will come to the signing…I’m concerned that the eyebrow wax and blow dry I’ve booked will be all for nothing!!! NOTE: on re-reading the previous sentence, I should say that my eyebrows are not so bushy that they need blow-dried…I meant my hair! Smile

Before I go, something has been bothering me, and I wanted to make sure I remembered to post this. As you know, Mark Jones (who really doesn’t know me from Adam, having only met me for about 6 seconds), has been really supportive – but I’m not really in a position to do anything for him, except this (and I hope he doesn’t mind me doing so): on his website (www.markjoneswebsite.co.uk) he mentions that he is running the London Marathon, and is trying to raise money for the Anthony Nolan Trust. If you are interested in sponsoring Mark or simply making a donation to this charity via Mark’s Just Giving page, you can do so here: www.justgiving.com/markbjones

That’s all from me for now – if you’re bored, and are looking for something to do, why not check out all the websites above? Oh, and www.bdmlr.org.uk – I wanted to find a way to mention them on the radio, but it was all I could do to remember my own pen name!