Just a quickie!

Hello – I’ve been getting a lot of advice this weekend, on how to get my book noticed. All of it fantastic – it has given me a lot to think about, and has got me excited about the book again! So, this afternoon, I emailed Hexham Book Festival to ask if I could take part in some way. It’s very short notice, as it is only next month, but I thought it would be useful if I could even just stand (OK, probably sit…or lean against a wall) there, handing out flyers for my book. It’s amazing how much promotion/research you can do whilst lying on the sofa, watching Ugly Betty, laptop on knee…

Also, my web designer has got my website up and running – it’s pretty, user-friendly and I couldn’t stop smiling when I saw it! It made everything even more ‘real’. She also gave me a much appreciated ‘good luck’ gift, which was very kind of her. While I’m expressing gratitude, another thanks to: Sarah (who’s been leaflet-dropping again ahead of this week’s book-signing…eeeeek!); Mark (who’s become an unofficial Literary Agent) and is advertising my book amongst his legion of fans; everyone at WriteWords for patiently answering my questions and offering me good, sensible advice; and last but not least, the gang at BookForce who sent me a ‘congratulations on the publication of Karma’ card. They probably send a card to each of their authors, but it still meant a lot to me!

So, this week: book officially published tomorrow (although seems to be on sale now); must contact Waterstones and Borders (almost giving up on WHSmith); and I have emailed publishers to ask what they’re doing by way of PR, so I don’t step on any toes, before deciding what to do next! Bye for now!

IMPORTANT NOTE: a HUGE thank you to everyone who has supported me in any way, shape or form. If the book is a success, it will be down to you lot! x