Book officially released: so where is it?

Decided to type in a drab colour to reflect how I’m feeling on this, the ‘official’ release date of Karma. Was all hyped up yesterday, as I’d been given some great promotion/marketing tips…then my mam said she’d been into Waterstones and was told they weren’t stocking it. My husband was told that it wasn’t in WHSmith either…

So, tell me, why all the hard work and effort (not just the stuff that went into writing the book, but subsequently)? I can push the book as much as I am able, but if people can’t walk into a shop and buy it, how will I ever sell any? I know it is selling at online retailers, but it was my dream to be able to walk in to various bookshops and see my work sharing a shelf with all the authors that I admire.

I guess I’m just feeling a bit upset, as my grandma was taken to hospital yesterday…I thought I’d try and take my mind off it by forcing myself to try and arrange some book signings. It’s not really working yet, and the lack of interest from shops’ book buyers is getting me down further.

EDIT: change of colour to denote change of mood. Spoke to lovely, lovely lady at Waterstones in Hexham and she’s going to stock the book! Yay! She also advised me to try and get a mention in the Hexham Courant, so I’ve had to get in touch with publisher to ask if they’ve sent them a press release. Woohoo!