Memory Lane: my 30th birthday party!

You’re probably wondering what my 30th has to do with book promotion…well nothing really, except the book signing tomorrow is triggering some memories.

I had been quite poorly in the months prior to my 30th, and had lost touch with lots of friends. Although I was on a very tight budget, I decided to have a party, just so I could see everyone again. I saved up some money and manged to organise a party. I even designed my own ‘caricature’ invitations (if I can find a jpeg file, I’ll let you see it, though it’s hardly flattering). I was really ill on the day of the party, and stayed in bed until just before I had to leave. When I got there, hardly any of the people I had invited turned up. My close family and friends were there, but lots of others weren’t. I enjoyed the party (despite having to leave early, as I just couldn’t carry on, and then locking myself out of the house) but swore I would never have another event where I was ‘centre of attention’. So now, I’m starting to worry that nobody will come…except my close family and a few friends (Ian and Tom, for the pink Lambrusco).

We’ve already had a bit of a flap. We couldn’t get hold of the books anywhere. The wholesaler that Sarah usually uses has sold out. Now, in some respects, this is obviously a good thing, but a book-signing is pretty difficult without a book to sign! After some frantic phone calls (and some ridiculous ‘Plan B’ scenarios), extra books are being printed as we speak. I’d like to say we can now breathe easy, but I don’t know what to expect tomorrow – I don’t know what people expect from me…except pink Lambrusco, in the case of Ian! Neither Sarah nor myself will rest until the books arrive in the shop (and even then, we’ll probably still not relax).

I’m off now, as I hope to spend the rest of the day:

  • Lying on sofa
  • Having long bubble bath, reading Mike Gayle’s “His ‘n’ Hers”
  • Lying on sofa, part two
  • Lying in bed (not being able to sleep – a great way to avoid the nightmares!)

You probably won’t hear from me tomorrow, but I’ll try and update the Blog sometime at the weekend (and will hopefully include some photos, taken from creative angles so you think there was hundreds of people there). I’m also doing a telephone interview on Friday afternoon with a nice gentleman from M.E. Essentials magazine – will let you know how it goes.

Keep your fingers crossed for me, please! And Ali, hope you’re enjoying the book…although it’s probably a bad sign if you’re reading this blog rather than the book! 😀