Writer's cramp!

I don’t mind telling you this: I’m tired. In fact, I’m exhausted. Has it been worth it?

Has what been worth it, I hear you ask (well, I don’t really hear you, but you know what I mean). Well, first there was the launch. Mid-morning on Thursday (LD – launch day) 30 books arrived at Sarah’s shop. Sarah had already taken several pre-orders for people who couldn’t make the signing, so she was very relieved when the delivery turned up. I was uncharacteristically calm. This was probably because it still didn’t seem real, to me. I rested all day, got my hair straightened (so that I could hide behind it) and then…began to panic! Those darn 30th birthday memories again!

They say you can’t chose your family, but I think if I could, I would have still kept mine. They, along with several friends, were out (on a very cold evening) to support me. I was very grateful, but it was always nice when a stranger came in to have a book signed. I felt a bit silly most of the time, especially when people wanted to have their photo taken with me! The strangest request of the event was being asked to include a mention of the footballer, Gary Speed (obviously a private joke for the people concerned), and the sweetest thing was when someone told me that Karma was the first book they’d ever bought. We were only left with 8 books at the end of the evening, and Sarah has sold several more since.

If I was disappointed in one thing, it was the lack of interest from local press. Press releases were distributed, but no response. I was a little surprised at the EC, as it was their newspaper that ran the competition that I won! Everything we achieved was down to Sarah and myself. Go team us!

Yesterday was a day of rest (almost). I had a telephone interview with a charming gentleman from M.E. Essentials quarterly – that was just like a lovely chat! Apparently, I’m going to be a cover girl (can I still say cover girl at my age?) That’s a bit scary as I am very self-conscious about how I look. So you know it’s a big thing for me to allow you to see the photographs from various things I’ve done this week – see the links at the right of the page. Also, I spoke to the nice Manager of Waterstones in Hexham, who asked me to sign the books they now have in stock.

So, that’s where I was today. Gordon and I made a day of it, so I didn’t get too tired and stressed, and we had a lovely lunch at a cafe called the Cornmill in Hexham. Then, off to Waterstones. The staff were really friendly and didn’t object to Gordon doing a David Bailey and taking photos from all angles. Can I just mention how proud he is of his arty shot, taken at Sarah’s shop? I signed 7 books, and they have shelved them in both ‘local interest/authors’ and in their ‘staff recommendations’ section. I was ridiculously excited and asked Gordon to go back in a take some photos of the books on the shelves (I sat in the coffee shop across the street and had a coffee and yet another rest).

I have pushed my self as far as I could over the past few days, just to make the most of the few opportunities that I’ve had. In all honesty, I’m struggling, both with the promotion side of things and physically, and the warning signs are here that I need to rest, rest, rest. So, I’ll leave it there for now, so I can rest, drink Lucozade Sport and sleep, sleep, sleep.

And has it been worth it? Only time will tell…if I could just get some reviews in, I would feel a lot happier! Even if they’re rubbish, because at least then I know people have read the book! 😀

NOTE: If you have tried to contact me on the website and have had no response, this is because my web designer is on a well-earned break. I hope to get these messages when she returns.