The real me.

Just a quickie. If you check out my photos (in the section on the right, marked ‘Albums’) you will see I have added a photo of how I usually am. I am rarely glamorous (if ever), mostly in pyjamas, usually found on the sofa (with or without laptop) but almost always accompanied by my dogs and a cup of coffee or can of Lucozade. I am hugely flattered by those of you who have said I am an inspiration, but I’m really just a very, very ordinary person. I’ve done some things lately, that I never imagined I would do in a million years. Yes, I wrote a book, but the idea of going on holiday or doing other simple things that people take for granted, fills me with fear – that’s hardly inspirational. The people I admire are those who have hurdles in their lives, whether big or small, that fill them with fear…but still tackle them anyway. I have some way to go before I could admire myself…

And please, if you look at the pic, don’t laugh at my pyjamas – they were a gift from my grandma. Back to the topic of book promotion next time, I promise! Smile
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