Oops, I did it again!

The nerves have kicked in already…I’ve agreed to do another radio interview! Again, it is for BBC Radio Newcastle and is in connection with ME/CFS Awareness Week next week, but this time it’s for the breakfast show. I think I’m more worried about this one, as it feels like quite a responsibility – I know I should do some research beforehand, but there seems little point as I would forget anything that I learned (many of us call it ‘brain-fog’). I don’t want to come across as ignorant and unknowledgable, nor do I want to say something that is incorrect. I don’t know everything about this illness (and I don’t particularly want to know any more than I do, thank you very much).

I was comfortable taking about my book in my last interview, as it wouldn’t harm anyone if I got it wrong or made a mistake, but this interview seems much more serious. Plus, the show’s between 7 and 9am – I’m probably at my worst on a morning…and on an evening…and if I haven’t had enough coffee…oh, and if I need some chocolate, etc! I’m also going to an old friend’s wedding on Sunday, so would usually spend the week after something like that resting. And my mam has kindly donated a cold to me! So many reasons to say thanks, but no thanks!!!

So, you’re probably asking yourself, “Why has the stupid woman said she’ll do it, if she’s already moaning about it?” Well, because I want to. I want people to understand that CFS or ME or whatever you want to call it is real, and has a big impact on our lives and those of our families. I’m sure they’ll mention the book, or my publishers wouldn’t have agreed to it, would they? But that’s not why I said yes.

I’m waiting to hear from the radio peeps soon, and will update you when I hear anything. Remember: if I make it on to the radio and sound like I have a mouth full of gravel, it’s due to my cold; if I can’t remember what I’m talking about, it’s the ‘brain fog’; if you hear any interference that sounds like a tiger growling, that’ll be my stomach, as I won’t be able to eat anything beforehand; and finally, if I say something stupid, that’s all me, I’m afraid!!!

Perhaps I should dig out my chamomile and try to relax…