Resting but browsing…

I promise I’m resting up for that wedding, but I’m really bored, so have been having a browse around the internet – guess what I found out? More Waterstones branches have stocked my book! Yippee! Not the very local ones, but as well as Hexham, Darlington and Harrogate also have copies in. That’s very good news, methinks (I sound like Mr Claypole from Rentaghost, don’t I?) Just had a sobering thought: what if I’m the only one reading this Blog who’s old enough to remember Rentaghost? I suddenly feel ancient!

Karma’s almost sold out at Amazon again, and now has five five-star reviews – I’m very happy about that. And I’m grateful to the readers who took the time to post reviews. Thank you kindly!

I’m off to check my emails now – I check them as often as I can, as I feel so guilty about those which sat, unanswered, in my webmail inbox for days, weeks or, in some cases, months! Personally, I worry if my emails aren’t replied to, as I’m concerned in case I’ve offended the recipient, or they haven’t received the message. I also wonder if they’re trying to tell me something by not replying (in which case I would look a bit pathetic re-sending my message) or if they’re simply busy. What is the etiquette with regard to emails, anyway? Am I just obsessive or does anyone else wonder about these things too?