Karma Review competition closed

Still bored but resting – had to cancel my trip out this morning. Just wanted to say thanks for all of the reviews and that the competition has now closed. Unfortunately, my judge is having email problems, so the winner may not be announced next week, as planned – will keep you posted.

No further news on the book front – I’m wondering how long I’ll keep this particular blog going…maybe a year from the date it was published? Actually, I’m enjoying it, so will probably write it even if only one person reads it (though currently, I seem to be getting about 300 hits per week…pretty good for me!) It makes a change from just talking to my dogs all day…and the budgie, but at least he says some words back!

Off to make myself another hot water bottle, as this one’s gone cold, and a cup of coffee (decaf) – how old do I sound?! Actually, don’t answer that, please! Good job I don’t have my webcam switched on, or the sight of me would put you off your lunch: pyjamas, Vicks Vaporub, hot water bottle, messy hair – doesn’t that paint a pretty picture? Won’t be posting for a few days, but will let you know if the hotel I’m going to (for M&V’s wedding) is as nice as the huge cost of B&B suggests it should be…