A 'taking my mind of things' kinda post…

This post is just what the title says: to take my mind off things – one of my lovely grandmas is very poorly in hospital, and I thought spending time on the computer might stop me worrying… Apologies for any typos, as my mind really isn’t on the job in hand!

I’ve been browsing various book-related forums for some inspiration, and will admit to being hugely jealous when I read about another author’s publisher launching a huge campaign to launch her book. She’s just a newbie too, but has a bucket load of promotions coming up (combined with oodles of publicity – that’s the technical term) and a radio campaign! Now I don’t begrudge her any of this, as I know she has worked hard and truly deserves it, but it is a bit of an eye-opener to me. If you happen to read this Claire, well done, and I’m completely green-eyed! But not monster-like…unless I’m caffeine-deficient.

This is what’s going on in my book world at the moment:

As you know, I was supposed to be a featured author at Blaydon Festival on Wednesday (6th June 07), but heard nothing from the organiser and had no way of contacting her. Sarah’s since told me that she’s seen it advertised as a poetry event now…

You may remember the nice people at Gateshead Libraries Service contacting me about an Author Event. They intended to stock the book and then hold an event, where I could talk about how I wrote it, etc. However, I got an email to say that they hadn’t been able to BUY the book. They were told it wasn’t registered with Nielsen Book Data (which it is), it isn’t available through their library supplier and (this is what upset me) it isn’t stocked in Borders and Borders “weren’t keen to order”!!! Can’t understand it! I know I shouldn’t take these things personally, but I do…it’s just the way I am, I’m afraid.

I took a look at the revamped Discovered Authors website, and was delighted to see the link to Karma was back…until I clicked on it: Introduction to Statistical Engineering! Thanks, guys! I was invited, by generic email, to send DA some information about myself for their site – perhaps they might link Holly A Harvey to the details of someone successful (maybe the author of Introduction to Statistical Engineering, LOL)! Must email them to point this faux pas out.

Trying to promote this book is like walking through treacle – I’m trying really hard and getting nowhere fast!!! What keeps me going, you ask? Fibre, I reply! Only joking: a fortune cookie told me “You’re only a loser when you quit trying!” so I’m still trying (ask my husband how trying I am…)