I'm ba-aaaack!!!

I’m back and while I haven’t been posting, some interesting things have been happening. Firstly, I took the bull by the horns and emailed Borders to ask why people weren’t able to order my book there. I got a reply from the General Manager, who I spoke to on the telephone and he was very helpful. He said I should ask my publisher to contact him, personally, and Natalie did so – Borders have ordered 20 books and will be in touch when they’ve arrived, with regard to a SIGNING!

You may remember that some time ago, I emailed a few authors who I really admire and had inspired me…well, didn’t I get an email from Pauline McLynn?! I was so delighted as I absolutely love her books, and her characters are so realistic, you feel as though you’ve known them personally. Anyway, she asked where she could get my book!!! I practically begged her to let me send her a copy – it would mean a lot to me if she actually read it. I was chuffed to bits to hear from her (is that just a Northern expression – it means I was really, really happy).

Today’s email came from Gateshead Libraries, who have finally been able to order the book. I’ve been invited to attend a Reader’s Group in September – as it’s in home territory, I’m both excited and nervous. Imagine the anti-climax for the locals hoping to meet a glamorous writer and then realising they’ve seen me at the chip shop, with no make-up on, or out walking the dogs in my old clothes! It sounds as though it’s a friendly group, so I hope they’re gentle with me.

I’ve also had a message from someone who said they were feeling a bit rough and read my book, and it cheered them up. You have no idea how much little comments like this mean to me.

Hopefully, I’ll be back to posting regularly about my attempts to make it in the book world. If you’d like to compare and contrast, take a look at Claire Allan’s site. She’s published through Poolbeg, a rather large publishing company. Radio campaigns, meetings with Buyers, newspaper articles and photoshoots – I’m not sure I would have coped well with that. I don’t think I would’ve slept for weeks! Anyway, I have no doubt that Claire will be a huge success. On the topic of book promotion, I read an interesting article on the Trashionista website about the true cost of promotion within some bookstores. It was such an eye-opener.

Finally (what a bumper post this was), I came across this blog just before my last BBC Radio Newcastle interview and we were intending to do a joint blog (but both of us were busy with other things). However, Jack contacted me to say he’d created a post called The Mike Parr Survivors’ Club. This guy’s site is really interesting, and the thing I love about it is that he isn’t scared to speak his mind. An entertaining, enlightening read from ‘The Web Chemist’.