I'm a sell out!

Well, not me, but the book. I’ve just had a reply from the Manager of Waterstones Hexham and she tells me they have sold out of their stock of Karma (for the second time)! Yay! She has ordered more.

Now don’t get too excited: this is only double figures and doesn’t even compare with the 10,000 books sold by my counterpart Claire Allan (wow!), but I think it’s fantastic! The book’s had very little publicity, few reviews and no huge marketing campaign so this means my little story is making it all on it’s own merit! I’m so pleased but I still need to work on getting the book into more bookstores, particularly locally. Unfortunately, like last time I emailed, the Metrocentre Waterstones hasn’t replied to me, and I have re-contacted WHSmith to see if I could interest their local book buyer. I have also contacted Durham Literature Festival to see if there is any opportunity for me to get involved – I don’t hold out much hope, as I think their programme is already in place for this year. But you’ve gotta try, try, try!

Oh, and I’m loving answering questions on the Book Club Forum site. It’s so interesting comparing my own experience with that of my co-featured author, Samantha Grosser.

PS I’ve been told people have had problems trying to list me as a Facebook friend – as there’s no ‘Add Friends’ thingy, just use the send me a message option and I’ll add you to my list!