Finally got outside the house – seems like an age since I’ve been out! My mam took me to the Metrocentre and we stopped off in Starbucks for a coffee. I went to sit down, as the legs are still a little shaky (like on the film ‘Bambi’ when Bambi is learning to walk…only not anywhere near as cute) and my mam went for the drinks. At the counter, serving, I recognised a young lad (well, young compared to me, anyway) who’d been working at Borders when I did my signing – as he served my mam, he said, ” I know that author over there, but I can’t remember her name!” My mam was able to supply the details ie my real name, but couldn’t remember my pseudonym either!!!

Karma is finally available in the USA. I’ve just taken a look on the Amazon site, and it looks pretty sad with no reviews or ranking – let’s hope that the humour translates, and Paige can make it in America. I should also mention that if you do buy a book from Amazon (wherever you are in the world), please do leave a review. Not only will it help me, but it’ll also help other customers decide whether it’s their cup o’ tea! Or in my case, cup o’ coffee!

I’m going to try to see how books get into supermarkets, as a number of you have asked why you can’t get the book in Tesco. As usual, I don’t know where to start, but it should be interesting trying to find out… As Corey Haim said in Lost Boys, “Enquiring minds wanna know.” He was right!