London: Day One

Managed to get lost within 20 minutes of getting to London. Wandered Aldgate and then Whitechapel for some time, before taking refuge in a Burger King (the only royalty that I was interested in visiting). Everyone we asked gave opposite directions, so we gave up and got a taxi. Turns out we were just minutes away from our hotel!

Our room was pleasant (though I wouldn’t say 5*) and on looking out of the window, it was immediately obvious that we hadn’t been given the room upgrade our package mentioned. The hotel boasted views of the Thames, Tower of London and Tower Bridge…we saw the track of Fenchurch Street station! After dumping our bags, we enjoyed a brief wander round the Tower of London area before going for our free massage back at the hotel. Best. Massage. Ever.

Then, later on, we went for a stroll around Tower Bridge and St Katharine’s Dock, which was beautifully illuminated. We were trying to find a place to eat, as all the places near our hotel were closed (?!) and came upon a medieval banquet. Sounded good until we found it was £43 per head…so we ended up at KFC for a family meal (despite there just being two of us) which we sneaked into our hotel room. After that, the mere mention of the word ‘chicken’ made us feel foul (ha, ha!)

And then early to bed. I slept like a baby: I woke up several times during the night!!! In my next post, London: Day Two, find out how a room full of people were condemned to death because of me…