Just a lump of coal…

…is what I’m likely to be getting in my stocking, despite the fact I have been a very good girl all year, if my current luck is anything to go by. And said coal would probably tumble out of a hole in the toe of the stocking.

Back to the book. I’ll probably offend several people by typing this, but I’ve played very fair until now, and have been shown no loyalty in return: I have had NO royalties for my book yet. The payment is due in June and December, and the company has a certain time in which to pay. Despite a million attempts to contact them (probably not a million, but feels like it), they continuously fail to reply. If nothing is forthcoming by the end of January, the rights to my work revert back to me. What does that mean? I’m not entirely sure, as I don’t know how these things work. Not a happy bunny.

On a lighter note, I’ve just read a lovely review of my book here. It really did make me blush, and meant a lot coming from a man (no, that’s not sexist; it’s just nice to hear positive things from a group outside the target audience). Also, I sent a couple of books down to my sister for the partners of the printers who kindly made me some business cards. She sent me a text to say one of them had picked up the book when his wife went out, and found it funny. Perhaps I should rebrand Karma with a blue cover???

So, finally, I’m going to do what all the other authors I know are doing: promoting their books as christmas gifts. “WHAT BETTER TO GIVE YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY THAN ‘KARMA’, ALL WRAPPED IN A PRETTY PINK COVER?” Available from all good online book stockists…and available to order from high street book stores, too!