Happy New Year!

I hope you’re all well after the celebrations. Ours was a quiet one (until the 12.30am fireworks which were set off by neighbours at 5 min intervals, so no sleep was possible) which was spent at home, watching The IT Crowd in pyjamas (I was in the pyjamas, not the IT Crowd). Just us and the pets. We cracked open a bottle of M&S Bucks Fizz (courtesy of a hamper from my sis-in-law) and then went to bed. That’s just the kind of rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle I lead!

I don’t agree with making New Year’s resolutions, as such, as they are too high pressure and once people slip up, they say, “Oh, I broke my resolution – better luck next year!” I prefer having a few ‘goals’, as they are ongoing. So, goals for this year? Difficult, as there’s a meeting taking place on 21st January which, although doesn’t involve me, will indirectly have a significant impact on my life. Mysterious, ain’t it? Let’s just say I’d LIKE to accomplish some of the following things in 2008, finances and health permitting: to write another book (or four), to learn to drive, to do that mad abseil off the Tyne Bridge (raising plenty of money, but not damaging my health in the process), complete my Counselling course. Oooh, there’s so many things!!!

Obviously, I’d love to do stuff like win the lottery, see Karma become a best-seller or a film, and most importantly, get well again, but all these things are out of my control, so I’m not going to dwell on them too much.

I said I’d look back on the book stuff too, so here goes. When I first started blogging, I asked the following question: “How much can one little, sleepy person do to compete with well-known authors and large publishing houses?” The answer is, more than you’d imagine, but it actually makes very little impact. I have no doubt that there are exceptions. In fact, one author who gained fame (and HUGE success) through word of mouth advertising actually offered to help me with regard to marketing/promoting Karma. Subsequently, I heard nothing from him and didn’t wish to bother him further. Disappointing, but that’s life! Still waiting to hear from my publisher following the email I had from the main man before Christmas. Still waiting for any royalities from June and December’s statement was due on the 30th. Rights due to revert back to me soon. I believe it is incredibly difficult to make it without an agent, and the writers I know are very protective of their agents. It’s too late for me to get an agent for Karma, but if you’re a new writer yourself, make this your top priority!

All in all, I think I’ve done OK, considering what I’ve had to overcome to get here. It’s tough for someone who’s incredibly shy to do interviews and socialise with new people. It’s hard to be professional when you know little about the profession and have no-one to teach you or guide you. It’s difficult to face criticism and rejection at the best of times, but when you’re ill and have little self-confidence, it can be completely demoralising. Sometimes, the only thing that keeps you going is determination, self-belief and the people around you who support you. I don’t know where I go from here, but it’s the New Year, so it’s a time for new beginnings. Let’s see what 2008 holds, shall we?!