Hello! Firstly, I apologise to those of you who’ve emailed me and I haven’t replied: I’m right in the middle of a CFS relapse, and not online much. I feel terribly guilty about letting people down, but it can’t be helped. Here’s a mini update.

That horrible day I was dreading (21st January) has passed and, whilst things didn’t go completely our way, we can hopefully close that bad chapter. Thanks to everyone who’s been in touch and sent good wishes! My hubby has been offered a job to start in February, so we’re hoping that 2008 is upping it’s game and proving that it’s better than 2007! I (stupidly) thought that once the stressor had been removed, I’d awaken today feeling miraculously better. Alas, it was not to be and I’m still feeling lousy. Still, it took weeks to get me this way, so will maybe take a little while to get me out of it… Gotta hope, remember?!

I have been somewhat of a hermit lately, but I’m pleased to report I actually left the house on Friday (first time since 27th Dec 2007). It was just a trip to my second favourite coffee shop (The Cornmill in Hexham) but at least it was outside. I do worry that I’ll end up becoming agorophobic if I don’t get out and about. I’m a bit concerned that my lack of stamina will prevent me, once again, from going to my counselling thingy – if so, it will probably mean I’m booted out. It’s like school all over again…except that maybe people are a little more understanding of my illness.

I’ve been speaking to some people about the book situation – it seems that we’re all in the same boat. Still waiting to hear from the publisher. Had I not been so poorly, I may have taken further steps, but I just couldn’t be bothered. I heard from the lovely lady (Claire) at Gateshead Libraries with regard to some more readers group talks. These are more like social events, and are lovely to participate in, so I said I’d be delighted. It isn’t until April, so I have plenty of time to pull myself together (I hope!!!)

That’s things in a nutshell. I’m hoping I’ll be well enough to continue with book two soon (can’t sit up for too long at the mo and the computer screen glare is too bright, even on its lowest setting) as there’s only so much text my memory will hold before needing to write it down/forgetting it!