What's up with me?

I’m feeling very strange. Perhaps it’s the heady rush of having left the house for a change, or perhaps I’ve had a change in personality.

Following a newsletter from my publisher, I usually check Amazon to see if the book’s in stock (I gave up on the rankings a long time ago) and saw my first bad review on their site…and I mean BAD! It’s from someone called ‘Northern Monkey’ (hmmm…) but I don’t think I am allowed to reprint what it says here because of website copyright stuff. Anyhooooo, it slates the book and suggests that readers buy Kleenex instead. I’ve only had one other bad review so far, and found that it really upset me, but oddly enough, this one didn’t. Maybe I just thought it was amusing because they slated me, yet couldn’t spell the word ‘truly’.

Rather than having stopped caring, I hope I’m just toughening up!!!