Nearly there…

Hello! Just been doing some sponsorship admin. Still £56 short, but I’m getting there. My mam’s got all but her final tenner, and my sister still has a few people to track down. Hubby sponsored someone who was doing a cycle ride for the Stroke Association – I’ll pay up tomorrow, as I now know how tough it is to get all the funds in!

I spoke to DA last week, and got a few answers from them. They’ve promised me to sort a few of my issues out, but I’m not expecting miracles. I do want to get hold of my outstanding promo copies, as I actually have a use for them. Allegedly, I’m going forward for another prize, but it’s another don’t-stand-a-chance-but-what-the-hell competition. This also depends on the publisher following through with their promise. I hope to tell you my cynicism was misplaced, but we’ll see.

Just like Paige, I’ve had an invitation to a school reunion (though mine was via Facebook, and the details haven’t been confirmed). It can’t possibly be fifteen years since I left school…could it? I’m too young, surely. I dreaded my last reunion, despite being one of the organisers, as I was embarrassed about my lack of career. I’m still in the same boat, five years later!