Apologies for being so quiet lately. Between a cold and the new puppy, I haven’t had much sleep so bogging is way down on the priority list. The pup is still loaded with cold, and is keeping us awake almost all night. During the day, she is full of mischief and I don’t know how she doe sit. Maybe I should start eating puppy food, as it seems to give her plenty of energy! I can’t remember the other two being this much trouble…

The other night, however, we were on track for our first full night’s sleep in a couple of weeks. We’d had a stressful evening: smelled gas when I got home. My dad tested this by…lighting his lighter!!! It’s a wonder I’m here to type this. Went into kitchen and noticed he’d knocked gas ring on. Didn’t explain overwhelming smell in porch, so (fortunately) didn’t cancel emergency call-out. Did indeed have a leak from a worn gas pipe to the meter. Why am I telling you this? Well, at about 1.15am was awoken by a MASSIVE series of bangs. Half expected to look out of window and see porch on the way into outer-space. The bangs went on a while and seemed to be coming from very close by. The next day, we found that some idiots had decided to let off fireworks! Our whole estate is very angry, as many have children and/or pets who were disturbed. These are the same neighbours who thought it would be more amusing to use our garden bin for their household rubbish than their own wheelie bin… Some people just have no consideration for those around them, and I just don’t understand that mentality. I was just glad the house was intact when I got up!

To follow on from my last post, there has been no response from my publishers with regard to my royalty statement. I know I’m not an isolated case. A shop owner has also told me that she has records of all the books that she bought/sold, which can be produced, if necessary. I don’t think it will make a bit of difference, as they seem to be a law unto themselves.

Gotta go as there’s a game of tag going on in my sitting room, between two dogs!