Sunday Soapbox!

I’m not feeling too good (going out in yesterday’s rain was not the best idea) so was going to relax today. However, I’m really quite annoyed by some of the things I’ve read on the internet during my surfing, and seen on TV this morning.

1. Why does ANY issue that Newcastle United FC have lead to the mocking of Geordies. I’ve read so many derrogatory comments about us, which do not relate to football at all. Someone called us “poor people who are lowly educated” – a rather sweeping, and poorly written, generalisation. I have a real problem with ‘internet trolls’, those posters who appear out of nowhere, leaving a message that will provoke others into responding to them. For what it’s worth, I’m an Arsenal fan, but disagree with the way Kevin Keegan has been treated. Oh, yes, I do have an opinion on football, and I’m female. I also understand the offside rule (although preferred it the way it was, before the rule change) and can hold a conversation on the game.

2. The new Nice ‘n’ Easy hair colour advert, which claims that 93% of Red readers would recommend this product to a friend, the rest probably don’t have any friends: for a start, there were only around 245 responses to this particular survey, if you read the small print. Does this mean that Red are a commercially viable magazine with such a small readership? This is what I consider to be misleading advertising, and statistics like this really annoy me!

3. Obviously I haven’t had enough sleep and should probably stop typing before I give Victor Meldrew a run for his money!