What month is it?

I knew I’d neglected the blog, as my energy has been focused elsewhere (and you know I can only do one thing at a time) but I hadn’t realised how much I’d neglected it until I noticed it the web address had disappeared from my address bar!

I apologise to those of you who’ve contacted me lately and have had no response. Outlook likes to bring in the messages, but refuses to send them out. I will find a way around this when I’ve done my Christmas shopping (I’m not being super-efficient; it’s just that I can’t stand the busy, stuffy shops filled with impatient, stressed-out shoppers nearer Christmas). I need to shop now or not at all – Christmas is not the CFS-sufferer’s friend, despite how much we may enjoy the festivities!

Here’s a brief catch-up:

DA continue to avoid any contact with regard to the issue of payment…and the issue of their ‘sales figures’. It’s my birthday soon, and I may well invest any money received in membership of the SoA, primarily to get DA to face up to their responsibilities to their authors.

I’m about to start writing as a hobby again. I got a wireless keyboard so I can sit with it on my knee a little longer, although I can’t buy a gadget that will improve my concentration or attention span! Unless eBay have something… I’ve enrolled in NaNoWriMo again, and my user name is HAHarvey if you’re participating and want to add me as a Buddy. Last year was not a success, as I was too poorly to do much, but I’m hoping to be more motivated this year, as I have a story and some lovely characters in my head. I’d love to find out what happens to them!

The new puppy is still mad. She is thrice as difficult to train as my other dogs, and is diverting a LOT of my little energy supplies. She bites, she chews, she hides under sofas/beds, she could break glass with her barking, she torments the other dogs…but she’s ours and we love her. She’s fast asleep on my knee at the moment, cute as a button. That could change in a split second!

And finally, the school reunion that was organised has now been cancelled. Is it a relief or am I disappointed? A little of both, I think. Am I ever going to get to wear that lovely dress I have in the wardrobe?