It's still here!

I haven’t been online for a while. The dreaded CFS seems to worsen in January, after the hecticness of Christmas (regardless of how well, or how far in advance, I try to prepare). Anyway, I click on to the site hesitantly these days, wondering if it’ll still be up and running or if every word I’ve written will have disappeared into the internet.

The new story is running through my mind as though it was a film that I have seen (several times). I feel as though I have met the characters, and know quite a lot about them. Then why-oh-why can’t I write it down? Writing used to be such a great hobby, and was the one thing I could rely on when I was too tired to do anything else – what’s changed?

As you know, I struggle to type on the big laptop, as it’s both too heavy and too bright for me (despite toggling the brightness levels) so that’s off to my mam’s house to live. I was given a little one for Christmas (known as Baby Laptop) and I should have no excuse, but I just have no motivation/energy at the moment. It’s SO frustrating – I’ve been going stir crazy, unable to go out, so you’d think this would be the ideal time to write, but no, no, no. I need to be prodded with a big stick. A very big stick. Or a very big prod with a smaller stick!

Ooh, one Karma-related thing. I noticed an absolutely beautiful review of the book on Amazon, and I was really, really touched. It was written by someone who doesn’t read ‘chick lit’ so it was even more special.