Books, books, books.

>мебели сливен been reading a LOT of books lately (almost one per day) and I’ve enjoyed every one of them. Books are a great way to occupy the mind and imagination, but I won’t be able to continue at this pace, as I can’t afford it! I don’t review books, as I worry about giving too much away, but I will tell you about some that I’ve enjoyed.

I was given ‘Friends Like These’ for my birthday, by a friend – we didn’t see each other until Christmas Eve, so don’t think you’ve forgotten my birthday (as it was ages ago). It’s by Danny Wallace, and it isn’t something I would have picked out for myself, but it was almost compelling reading. Basically, a milestone birthday is looming, and Danny begins a quest to find old friends. I’ve said enough. It inspired me to take a look into my own past, and consider making a bit more of an effort to find out how my current friends are doing. To be honest, my friends are mostly cyber-friends, that is, people I haven’t met in the flesh, but have ‘spoken’ to on the internet.

On a similar theme, I picked up ‘The To-Do List’ without even looking at the synopsis, because I enjoy the author’s other books (Mike Gayle). As it turned out, he had a milestone birthday looming and gave himself a huge to-do list before that date. I also have a list (although unwritten) which is probably twice as long, and it did make me feel as though I should (and could) be doing something about it. Very interesting book; honest and funny.

I’d also picked up Alexandra Potter’s new book, ‘Who’s That Girl?’ Guess what? Milestone birthday looming, etc. This was not a factual book like the other two, but one of those books where you need to suspend your disbelief. It was easy to read and light-hearted. Just what I look for in my escapist fiction.

I was given a book by a relative called ‘A Dog Year’, though had she read it herself, I doubt she’d have given it to me. As you know, I have three dogs (one of whom is a fairly recent addition and very mischievous) and there were many things within the book that struck a chord with me. I openly admit to crying my eyes out, throughout, and being both relieved and drained when the book was finished. That said, it was wonderfully written, and I was compelled to tell the author so. Visiting his website, I was very upset to read that the dog concerned had been put to sleep, as it had bitten several people.

It strikes me as odd that I ended up with all these (fairly inspiring, in a strange way) books, given that I hadn’t sought books with that particular theme. They all had an impact on me, to a lesser or greater degree, and if I was a proper author and knew that I’d affected someone in a positive way, I’d feel pretty special. That’s why I try to let writers know what I think. People are quick to complain, but don’t give praise as freely.