No place like home!

Been to a Christening today – I love happy family events. Amazingly, we found out that the neighbours (at least one of whom doesn’t like me) were having their son christened not only on the same day, and at the same time…but also at the same church! The weather was lovely, the service was brief but nice (or nice because it was brief), the buffet was tasty and the company was good. Also, the baby, my half-cousin, was very relaxed and well-behaved.

My niece was kind enough to look after my dogs. I don’t leave them alone, as I’d hate to think of them fretting or being noisy and upsetting the neighbours. However, hubby’s just been out and said neighbours are out back, celebrating (naturally). This set two of my dogs off barking, as they aren’t used to noise – apparently, neighbour lady told her partner to tell my hubby to stop my effing dogs barking, as the baby was sleeping! My ‘effing dogs’ do bark on occasion, but something has to set them off. If they do bark outside, I bring them in immediately, do as not to disturb people. I am very offended that someone could suggest my dogs are a nuisance, as I am very considerate of other people. Hubby says they are just put out that I complained about their music and that I shouldn’t take everything so personally. But I do. My home is both my haven and, at times, my prison, so I want to feel comfortable here and don’t need additional ill-feeling. Am I over-reacting? Or, am I missing out on some Grade A material for another book?

I am definitely in the mood to write, but have too many obstacles at the moment. Counselling is drawing to a close, so there is much to do…and not much time to do it in. Also, things are picking up with regard to our Charity Event. We have some great ideas and some fantastic prizes to offer. I hope that I have something more concrete to tell you soon (though anyone on my Twitter or Facebook lists will know a lot of what’s going on). I am also hoping that the website re-design will go ahead soon. I have been remiss and not given my web-designer anything to work from, so will have to rectify that next week.

Finally, I am CRB checked, so have my first assignment as a bona-fide volunteer with TimeBank. I’m looking forward to getting stuck in.

This was a very self-indulgent post, but if I can’t have a moan on my own website, where can I moan? Oh yes, Facebook and Twitter!