The Sun has got his hat on…

…and so have I, if I absolutely have to go out. And sunglasses (indoors and out). And factor 1,000 sun cream.

I thought I was one of a small few who hated the hot weather but, as it turns out, I am one of many within my Twitter circle. It’s not just the ME sufferers, either. Lots of people are not happy with the high temperatures this weekend and many, like me, are actually in semi-hibernation! If you could see me now, you’d see I was in my short PJs in the living room, right next to a fan/air purifier. The thick curtains, as well as the blinds, are closed and I’m surrrounded with dogs, all flat out. I have Reverse SAD and get miserable when the summer arrives. Honestly, it’s a real thing!

I reserve the right to complain about the hot weather, as I didn’t have a good moan during the rain or the snow. I’m not one of those people who says, “When’s the summer coming?” I’m one of the people who says, “When’s the summer over?” As you bask in the sun, spare a thought for the pasty, pale few who spend the summer indoors, trying to avoid heatstroke and horrible headaches!

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