Yay! I'm back, email and all!

Long time no see?

Fabby Marie has got me back in to my email and, subsequently, my blog. My email account was mostly spam, but I did get an interesting email about my publisher which intrigued me. Evidently, DA is no more. However, I’m told its new incarnation is Callio (correct me if I’m wrong). Allegedly, all DA authors were contacted LAST JULY and told about the switch (I wasn’t contacted)…

On a plus note, although I believe that contractually and legally, I haven’t been bound to DA for many moons, I think that the mere fact I wasn’t contacted and I don’t appear on the Callio files means that I’m free. This leads me to something I’d never considered before: being an e-author! It’s something I’ll be looking in to this week to see if it’s feasible. It made me laugh that, currently, my book is advertised for in excess of £20 on Amazon – not that I’d see any of that, but still!

What’s been happening over the past year? Writing-wise, little – though plenty of ideas are in place. I’ve recently started a Psychology degree to try and keep my mind active – not going well with the ME/CFS making things difficult. Hoping the next module is more interesting than the current one.

My namesake, the legendary Holly dog, sadly passed away in January. She was 12 and I was absolutely devastated. She had a heart attack. We miss her every single day. She was very demanding and we found that we missed this: consequently, a new pup joined us two months or so ago, and she’s very mischevious…and also very demanding.

That’s just a quick recap, as I’m on a borrowed computer (you can find out why on: www.simpsonsays.wordpress.com). Hoping to get back in to my writing when I get a new computer. This one’s far too heavy and bright for me!

I’ll keep you posted with the e-book thing. Have a feeling it’s not as easy as it seems!