A challenging month!

Our last creative writing assignment was to write something about a bad act, as either an ambivalent or an unsympathetic narrator. It was far more difficult than I anticipated and I found it really uncomfortable to write the piece. What I did notice was, as we all read our work out, that the females in the group had all written a male character as the evil lead. I wonder if this was our way of distancing ourselves from writing about bad deeds – no-one wants to be thought capable of such horrors as those our characters were committing. It made me wonder how horror writers are able to conjure up such images without giving themselves nightmares! It’s not a writing exercise I’d like to re-visit!

I’m not going to post the finished piece here, because it’s too long (not because it’s too creepy).

I haven’t been posting too much because things have been busy here (as you know, busy for me means I need to find the energy to do moer than one thing per week). Sadly, one of the events was a funeral, which (as anyone does) I find really upsetting and draining. There seems to be a lack of good news, from illness within the extended family to friends struggling to find jobs. However, we do have two social events this week, so I am trying to do very little in order to prepare for them – sadly, on Saturday, we’re having a goodbye lunch with friends who are emigrating soon. I don’t have many friends, so we will miss them a great deal – thank goodness for modern technology, which means we should be able to stay in touch!

Tomorrow is little puppy Ivy’s first birthday. All she wants is a Weetabix. You can read her adventures here: www.ivythecavalier.wordpress.com