As some of you may know, I have a huge interest in genealogy – I think it’s good to know where/who you came from. I was lucky enough to be able to track down the long-lost famiy of a close relation and it’s a fabulous feeling, being a catalyst in a family reunion. I happened to mention this to someone in my class, who had been fruitlessly searching for her half-brother for a long time. I love a challenge and decided to lend a hand.

As I type, I have narrowed down the search and have encountered a relative of the gentleman in question. His name is Peter Williams (am hoping this may come up in a search if my other efforts get no response). The good thing is, that he was also looking for his half-sister, Sylvia Williams, as was. However, I’m having to go through a ‘middle-man’ or rather a ‘middle-organisation’ and they don’t know how old the message on their site was – for all we know, the email address they have may now be defunct or go unchecked. So near yet so far. Then, I came across another site which would allow me to send a direct message (although this did cost a fiver – what price can you put on finding someone’s family. I don’t have much, but I don’t begrudge this). I now have two feelers out, but this last message was in 2002 – so many things can change in ten years, so I don’t want to get this lady’s hopes up. Don’t worry, she doesn’t read my blog.

This is one more avenue to look at. If ‘Ally’ does another search for Doris Owen Maddocks or Donald Edward Williams, let’s hope she ends up here and contacts me, and the story can have a happy ending. Keeping my fingers crossed and I’ll keep you posted. So frustrating to be so close…