Karma on Kindle NOW!

I haven’t blogged for a while – the summer months are not my friend (ME/CFS and hayfever are not a good match). However, I have made some progress with the Kindle version of Karma: you can now purchase it at Amazon here It was far more difficult than I imagined. I hold all the rights to the book, but assumed that I wouldn’t hold the rights to the cover art, since the former publisher arranged that. I was pleased in a way, as I never liked the cover I had. A little too pink and girlie for my liking! I had an idea in mind but had no idea how to go about it, so enlisted the help of my hubby, an amateur photographer, and my lovely cousin, who played the part of Paige. We messed around for a while with different ideas and then took to Photoshop to see what we could create. I hope that you like the end result, as we’re all newbies!

I also had to completely re-edit the book, both for my own peace of mind and before conversion to Kindle. I was genuinely surprised at the amount of small errors I found (bear in mind that it was copy edited by the original publisher) and the odd large one. I want my readers to have the best offering I can give them, and hope that I’ve done that. The best thing that I was able to do was to dedicate Karma to my grandma, who passed away not long after it was originally published – she was so pleased for me. I was also able to give Holly, my little dog who died last year a mention. That meant a lot to me.

I hope that I’ve pitched the book at a fair price. The UK price varies depending on US conversion rates. It should be around the £3 mark. Unknown authors rarely sell well (maybe 3-5 books per week), unless they can create some hype (think 50 Shades of Grey). However, I was never in this to make money – it was a cathartic exercise. I do wish I’d been able to keep the promise I made to the original Holly (the dog): I promised that if I ever made a lot of money, I’d buy a field for her to run in.

If you don’t have Kindle, don’t worry: you can download a Kindle viewer for free, via Amazon. This means that you can view the book on your computer, ipad or other devices. Happy reading!