Kindle #fail

As you know, Karma is now available on Kindle. There are a LOT of books and authors on Kindle and, sadly, if you aren’t well-known or proven, it’s very difficult to get people to spend their hard-earned money on your work. Fair enough, I say. If you take a chance on a book that isn’t well-written or hasn’t been edited, then you’re entitled to feel hard done by. However, Amazon allows authors to a) let readers read a sample of the book and b) allows them to offer ‘free’ promotions – that’s just what it says: the book can be offered free for a certain number of days to allow you to (hopefully) improve your ranking or increase readership. As much as I struggle with the idea of giving away work (that I literally cried over), I understand that it’s important to get it out there, so went ahead with a free promotion this weekend.

Sadly, Amazon have let me down. The book is not free, and the promotion is showing up as being ‘in progress’. No, it’s not in progress, Amazon, and it’s probably really annoyed some potential readers and made me look bad, too. I have checked out the community forums, and it seems that this is a fairly regular occurrence, so I’ve emailed them to see what they say. I feel disappointed, as I expected more from Amazon.

I will let you know when the book truly is free, and I apologise if you went to download it and couldn’t.

NOTE: As of 10am (GMT), Karma is now showing as free and should be so for the next two days: try Karma free