Back again!

My lovely web mistress (is that the correct term for a female webmaster?) has sorted out my email for me, meaning that I could finally locate my blog password.

In case you’re wondering what I have been up to, I signed up for NaNoWriMo and, this time, have taken it seriously. I have signed up twice before and been foiled by either illness or lethargy. This time, I have forced myself to get stuck in. As of today, there are six days to go and I have done around 35k. It puts quite a lot of presssure on me to complete it (2.5k words per day – easier said than done). I found it quite easy at first, but have struggled as the book has developed. The urge to edit is strong, but that is against the rules of the challenge: it’s all about getting words down. The editing comes later. If I can keep up the momentum in to December, I should have something resembling a novel before the end of the year. I aim to have it available on 14th February 2013. Note the word ‘aim’.

If you’re interested in how the dogs are doing, please check out their page on Facebook. Their page is The Simpson Cavaliers. Currently, Ivy is poorly and off to the vet tomorrow. Unfortunately, I didn’t fulfil my attempt to do an ‘Ivy story’ on her blog every day for a year. I was so close – about a fortnight away from completion but, as you know, ME/CFS doesn’t care if you have goals!

That’s enough from me, for now. Hopefully, I’ll be around a little more.