Snow and bugs

So much for good intentions: bugs have infected the household and there are germs loose aboot this hoose, affecting my new year’s goals (not resolutions). I know that it is very snowy outside, but having not been out since last Thursday, I have missed walking in it. The dogs (except the eldest) are loving it and take every opportunity to run outside and rub their heads in it. Lovely to watch but difficult to get them back in.

I have (stupidly?) signed up for another OU course in the hopes that I can accelerate the goal of achieving a degree. I am at odds with my Creative Writing tutor, which is very discouraging as I had been so excited at the thought of being taught by a successful author. I am by no means perfect, but I am struggling with the tutor’s views, so much so that I’m hoping to change tutors (possibly at the expensive of my overall mark). Usually, I wouldn’t take a stand but covering the costs of this course are a struggle for me, so I should have faith that I will improve because of it – I shouldn’t be made to feel inferior. So, taken a stand I have!

On the plus side, some feedback I got from fellow students has made me take a fresh look at my current manuscript (no, I haven’t written any more than the existing 50,000 words yet, due to illness) and I hope I can make improvements. I’m a bit deflated from my OU course feedback – lack of confidence always affects my writing but, hopefully, I’ll get back to it soon.

In the meantime, enjoy the snow, stay warm, drive careful and don’t laugh if you see me tottering down the street – I hate slippery, icy streets!