A week of downs and ups!

It’s been a busy week.

Sadly, around a fortnight ago, we lost a family friend – a friend of my mam’s, initially, but she’d been around my whole life and was practically family. Aside from that, she was just a wonderful, kind, generous, funny lady and she always supported my writing. So, on Friday we attended her funeral and it was just like her:understated, unfussy and classy. In stark contrast, on Sunday, I was given the honour of being my friend’s daughter’s godmother – it was a lovely, cheerful service and the baby behaved incredibly well.

Aside from the family events, we had tickets to see a show on Wednesday – Navi, King of Pop. My husband was a huge fan of Michael Jackson and we had tickets to the ill-fated shows that never were, at The O2, so he likes to see the tribute acts. As copycats go, Navi was very good and his singing was excellent. It was a bonus to see Michael Jackson’s tour guitarist, Jennifer Batten, but the overall production values were little more than those you’d see at a decent school play. I was dazzled a few times by, what looked like, car headlights on the stage, which would flash intermittently. I think we’d been spoiled by seeing Thriller Live a few years ago. Sadly, just as my favourite song came on, I felt a bit rough and we had to head for the taxi. I don’t think I can blame the food we had earlier in the day. We don’t go out much so like to try somewhere new when we’re in town. This time, we tried Hei Hei on Dean Street..It was just opening when we got there at 5pm, so we had private dining for the most part of our meal. It’s quite a small restaurant and we opted for the set menu (£8.95 for two courses, which were cooked to order). I wasn’t feeling too adventurous so stuck to wan ton and szechuan beef. Hubby was tempted by something porky, accompanied with ‘black fungus’ – it looked delicious. I’m sure we’ll return.