The Apprentice

I’m trying to vary my posts a little from purely book-related offerings, so here are my views about ‘The Apprentice’. The views are all my own…since I’m the only person in the house who can tolerate watching it.

My main problem with the show is that I always feel that, given an hour or two, I could complete a lot of the tasks that they are given. I cringe when there is in-fighting in the group, which adds to the suspicion that the contestants are chosen for their abrasiveness or their conflicting personalities, rather than being the cream of UK entrepreneurs. The project leaders are set up for failure, as in a normal work environment, you have to be a team player and, while you might not respect or agree with your boss, you have to respect the chain of command or you would be disciplined – there’s none of that on the show.

I admire anyone who does things like this to get themselves forward in life, but often wonder if they stop to think what they look like to the public, when they stab their co-workers in the back. Perhaps they’re successful in business because they don’t actually care – I know that I’d be out in week one!