Nanowrimo…at last!

I finally felt that I was in a writing frame of mind, despite my dodgy shoulder, and I’ve reached the first Nanowrimo milestone of 5,000 words. The good (but difficult) part of Nanowrimo is that you aren’t supposed to edit, just write – I struggle with that as I can’t even send a text, tweet or email without editing it several times. Also, I feel the need to research everything I write, so end up finding myself on the internet, off on weird tangents (today I was looking at very expensive houses for sale in the region). That too is against the rules of Nanowrimo. I’ve also discovered that I work better with a playlist or musical accompaniment – music can transform your mood. If my characters feel unloved or unattractive, I can just play the music from my teenage years and I’m right back in the moment! I’m currently listening to ‘Damn, I Wish I Was Your Lover’ – make of that what you will, with regard to the character’s frame of mind. I hope my yearn to write continues at the same pace tomorrow and I might just catch up to those writers who started on 1st November.