Ten years! Where did the time go?

Can you believe that, on 26th February 2017, it will be Karma’s 10th anniversary of publication? I was so naive back then and thought that it would be the beginning of something wonderful – and it was, in some way – but not in the way I expected. In 2007, I had a new book, a publisher and lots of enthusiasm. I was excited to be able to participate in Hexham Book Fair (a new even, back then) and that was soon squashed, when I realised that the weren’t involving me: merely letting me sell a book or two (I didn’t, as the publisher didn’t even send any). It made me feel terrible and I haven’t been to the Festival since. I did some interviews (terrifying but fun) and I’d hoped to possibly turn my good fortune in to a career. Sadly, that never happened: the publisher tried to run before walking and went out of business, and my M.E. made it difficult to do anything but write for fun, for an hour or two a week, if I was lucky. On the plus side, I met some brilliant, amazing people and made new friends (something I never thought I’d do at my age, considering I rarely go out). I didn’t think I could let Karma’s big anniversary pass without doing something so, from the 24th-26th, it will be free on Kindle via Amazon (note that you don’t need to have a Kindle to read it as there’s an app). I’ll post the link when it goes live. Perhaps you could spread a little good Karma to those who haven’t read it?