I’m about to sign up for another term at a local Creative Writing class and it dawned on me that I’ve been doing these classes for the better part of a decade. People come and go, but there’s a core group that is there more often than not. What struck me as odd is the fact that no real friendships have formed over time – we take each other or leave each other (or perhaps they take me or leave me!) In most situations where there’s a shared interest some kind of connection is formed but not in this case. We feel comfortable (and trusting) enough to share our work, at its most raw, but don’t swap email addresses or add each other on social media. I attend the class as much for the social aspect as I do to learn from the tutor (and other class members) – I don’t see many different people from day to day. Is it weird or do you think other people in the class spend time with each other without including me? Or, have I been watching too much Community over the summer?